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A New Jordanian Talent | Discover INXIOUS

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Each individual possesses a talent of some sort. The way a person wields their talent and utilizes it determines what the future will hold for them. To find your talent and master it to express yourself is a gateway to expressing one’s feelings to the world. Better yet, when Talent and Art meet; an elevated form of creativity is born.

It does not matter if a person can sing, write or paint, and how good they are at it. Mastering a hobby and turning it into a sort of craft is how it all becomes a talent first. Mix this process with a creative big bang and a colorful universe will burst forth; bringing light amidst the dark.

Light is warmth and abundance; light is an embrace. Follow me, I’ll show you where the light is.



Gazing into the horizon

Suleiman Hassan, a.k.a “Inxious” is an aspiring Jordanian music producer born in 1995 in Amman, Jordan. As a young kid, he dreamed of being on a stage, leading an orchestra; infusing his own melodies and creating masterpieces.

Suleiman’s love for both classical and electronic music gave him “the edge” to courageously pursue his dreams, which led him from one adventure to another until he became known as “Inxious”; a very personal name that exudes Suleiman’s essence; unique yet relevant and close to our hearts. When most people are paralyzed by their excruciating anxieties, Suleiman rode his own like a noble steed into a creative space that is his passion, and created a name for himself; a name we are sure the whole world shall know and love.


LZRS Digitals

LZRS Digitals | Inxious
A virtual haven, a workspace and a platform for his productions

The lack of Record Labels here in the Middle East is becoming a problem for young aspiring artists, who cannot find a place to properly market themselves and find guidance throughout their personal and professional journeys. Yet, this was not an obstacle for Inxious, because his persona led him eventually to create LZRS Digitals.

Inxious does not treat LZRS Digital as merely a company of profit. Imagine the world’s most powerful wizard creating a beautiful object that channels all of his creative energies into magnificent productions, and you will understand. His music not only comes with melodies strung from his heart, as there are also incredible visuals. A signature of his own; he’s willing to present his product as a whole package; music, visuals and a sensation born of an unstoppable creative force.

LZRS Digital could be seen as a gateway, a platform and a tool for all the aspiring artists out there seeking a place to unleash their creativity and let them be who they are, celebrating their uniqueness.


The First Album


Lights | Inxious
The first album

Inxious managed to create an album that revolves around His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II’s initiative at the UN Security Council, on resolution 2250 about “Youth, Peace, and Security”. The main idea was to manifest the crown prince’s thoughts and to express them through his own music where he can point out and help promote this initiative through art and as a part of the youth-led art initiative Shabab2250.

Music is the way to peace, Inxious believes, which is why he launched his first Album in September 2019, under the title “LIGHTS”, which includes the 12 songs listed below;

  1. Intro (Shabab2250).

  2. Lights.

  3. Infini.

  4. Believe.

  5. Burq3.

  6. Souls.

  7. Whisper.

  8. Silhouettes.

  9. Desert Willow.

  10. Cabin.

  11. Home.

  12. Outro.


You can listen and share Inxious’ music throughout all music platforms.

Inxious is a pure Jordanian talent that needs our support. Be there for him and share his music with the world, make his work reach unprecedented horizons.


Written by Abdullah Al Habahbeh

Edited by Bahaa Alnawas

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