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B.I.G Surprise | Korean Boy Band Singing In Arabic!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The Arabic Music Had Finally Arrived To The Far East

In the last few years, K-Pop invaded the Arab world broadly, gradually, and nonstop. This unstoppable wave of interest in Korean culture came to us in all forms; music videos and soap operas in particular. Their innocent looks and cuteness have driven all the fans crazy and they just compel new audiences to become super-fans instantly.

How all this works shows how effective the Butterfly Effect can be. Last week, I found a video of a K-Pop boyband called “B.I.G” performing a spontaneous cover of “3 Dagat”; the Egyptian Summer Hit song of 2017. It seems that the Arabic Culture has finally arrived to the Far East and they started to appreciate the music and the fans by delivering covers that include Arabic words in their music.

Now let me introduce to these awesome fellas!


Boys In Groove
B.I.G (band) From left to right: Benji, Gunmin, J-Hoon, Heedo, Minpyo. B.I.G (Hangul: 비아이지; also known as Boys In Groove)

3 Dagat | 3 Heart Beats | 3 박자

Spontaneous, funny and very endearing music video!

I remember this original song when it was first released; it took us all by surprise. When you hear the first three whistles you just can’t control yourself and you have to just sing along to the whole song; apparently that was the case with these guys when they heard it. They just were taken in and had to sing it. The video production is surprisingly simple yet very harmonic.

The marvelousness lies in how they are actually willing to sing the whole song in Arabic. I must be honest; they did such an amazing job pronouncing the Arabic letters and words superbly.

Abu must have felt very proud of himself when he saw these guys appreciating his song and still spreading the fever overseas.

Another Cover for Another Arabic Song!

La Bezzaf | Too Much | 너무 많은

Yet another appreciation from B.I.G to their Arab Fans!

This is the first Arabic cover they did before “3 Daqat”. The efforts they showed in pronouncing the Arabic words are profound and awe-striking, especially since everyone who knows even a little Arabic also knows how hard its utterances can be. Nonetheless, you need to really focus to hear the accurate lyrics.

Arabic Version of Their Own Song!

Hello Hello | 안녕 안녕

That was a huge surprise!

Doing a cover for a song is something and translating a song to a whole other language and THEN singing it is something else entirely. That was the case here, B.I.G released an Arabic version of their own song “Hello, Hello” and I would like to take this opportunity and say hello to them in their own language “안녕”.

This time they used the formal Arabic dialect and it sounds amazing! It seems that they are so in love with the Arabic culture.

Recently, Al Arabiya interviewed them after releasing “3 Dagat” cover, they talked about the Arabic language and how they had an Arabic language teacher to teach them, and what Arabic words they considered the hardest. You can watch the entire interview below and enjoy their talk:

Do you think that this is a new marketing methodology to attract and retain more fans across the Arab nation? Or perhaps this is a pure gesture based on an urge to perform something they liked even without realizing that the fan base in the Arab-world is rapidly increasing towards K-Pop? Either way, this is a brilliant approach and many of us here are loving it!

Browse through their other songs and enjoy these talented guys!

Written by Abdullah Al Habahbeh

Edited by Bahaa Alnawas

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