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A New Rising Star! Discover Hadi

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Inklicist’s New Favorite Artist

You promise yourself it will be on last video before you fall into a YouTube Rabbit-Hole that seems to go on without end. The luckiest thing that could happen to you is landing on a gem video that makes all the time spent worth it. The same thing happened but with Anghami app’s playlists? Every time, I let my oneself delve into a playlist; I notice some new and unique voices. It’s like I am always on the hunt.

However, it is rare for the thirst for something unique to be quenched enough so as to appreciate a song or an artist that one has just discovered and from the very first song. Yet, this happened to me more than once, I’d discover this awesome singer while sifting through the app and then when I look him or her up, most times, I get stunned knowing that this is actually a Middle Eastern singer!

That was the case last week when the Inklicist landed on an interesting song that led straight to a new discovery of a young and growing Arab/International artist.

Now, follow the rabbit and jump-in with me and let me introduce you to Hadi!



Lebanese, currently based in Dubai and born in Kuwait in June of 1987, Hadi is not only a talented singer but also a songwriter and indie pop artist. He started playing the guitar since he was 14 and created a name for himself through his covers and originals published on YouTube. As Hadi’s channel grew more famous, with one of his songs reaching over a quarter million views (well, they listened to it but you know what I mean). He then moved to Dubai to pursue music and ever since he has been writing, recording, producing, mixing and souring high with his original songs created right at his home studio. Hadi’s music has been featured through numerous publications across social media, including a cover feature on Redbull.com.

(According to his YouTube Channel)

The Song That Caught My Attention

7:14 pm.

Haunting, soulful, dramatic and extremely soothing; a song guaranteed to touch your soul!

A new song has been released last month, it’s called “7:14 pm.” The song reflects the artist’s unique personality and style. The song takes you on a journey in which you sense both his emotions and his pain; a contradiction that form an appealing anthem for those who are lost and longing to be found.

As soon as you reach the second half of the song; the lyrics and the whole song get clearer, as if you have “finally come to see it now”. At least that’s how the Inklicist felt about it.

Other Awesome Songs

His latest song “Louder” was released few days ago before the publication of this post, and it seems Hadi is not the type to slow down or falter as his creative streak keeps shining onwards. He keeps us busy with one new song after another, and their quality so far has been top-notch no matter how fast-paced his work is. His latest song has a Pop vibe that lets your brain immediately tune in and your head starts popping up and down as if it’s screaming “YES! THAT’S THE STUFF!”

The variety of emotions, styles and melodies in his songs will fit your every situation and mood. You want some melodramatic music? Perhaps some happy tunes? Even songs to focus at work or while studying? He got you covered.

Below I compiled a list of his songs, so give them a try and feel the wonders of his soothing voice to judge for yourself:

An Opening Act For Tom Odell & Bastille!

Opening Act for Tom Odell

Young rising artists all over the world, they dream for such an opportunity in order to have the chance to present themselves as artists and whom get an opportunity like this, well, they are for sure worthy.

On March 12, 2019, Hadi stepped on the stage to perform an opening act for Tom Odell in his concert at The Rotunda Dubai - Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai. Later on March 29, 2019, Hadi will also perform an opening act for Bastille in YasIsland.

What a busy month for Hadi!

Make sure to attend his gig!

Hadi is an amazing young rising artist who needs all the support that can be mustered; scroll up, check his songs and follow him on his social media accounts to show him some love.


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Follow the Inklicist and stay tuned for a personal interview with Hadi to be published soon.


Written by Abdullah Al Habahbeh

Edited by Bahaa Alnawas

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