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Meet Noor Otaibi

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

A Jordanian Author


I believe at this point everyone had enough of “corona this” and “corona that”. Let us move away from the worries of the real world to the creative and beautiful side of it with an interview with a very interesting individual. While physically apart, we were able hold the interview online with a very interesting individual; a Jordanian author was able to stand out and make a name for herself.

This is how it went down:


Q 1: Tell us about you, who is Noor?

My name is Noor Al-Otaibi, I am a writer from Jordan. I have been writing since 2011 and so far I have published two books.

Q 2: Why did you choose writing?

Writing for me is not only food for the soul, it is also a way to express my humanity and give voice to “the other” through my writings.

Q 3: What do you feel when you write?

Well, I feel all things beautiful, which I may not be able to express in speaking words. The feelings are… a mix of everything.

Q 4: Your first book was published in English, any plans for more?

I am thinking about translating my latest novel “I Lost Him Twice” to English and perhaps to other languages as well.

Q5: Do you think that Arab readers enjoy more drama and less fiction?

Fiction is part of drama, but I expect Arab readers focus more on visuals, so to speak.

Q 6: You lived and were raised in the Gulf; do you think that this fact affects your writings and gets you to focus more on Gulf culture?

Of course, I was born in Abu Dhabi, and I lived more than 30 years there. I have been influenced by the Gulf society and culture, which is a natural and instinctive feeling.

Q 7: What is your next project?

I have been working on a piece for more than 8 months, I will leave it at that.

Q 8: Do you think about bringing one of your novels to the silver screen?

Yes, and I support the idea of converting novels into dramatic or cinematic work.

Q 9: In that case, which of your novels would you like to bring to the silver screen and why?

I would choose, “I Lost Him Twice” because it roots the idea of love in human relationships and addresses the kind of love that started too fast and vanished even faster.

Q 10: What do you think of the current condition of the Arab culture and its impact on people?

It is hard for me to evaluate it. I am not a critic. However, in every society there is the positive and there is the negative, which I think applies to the condition of the Arab culture.

Q 11: Do you think that the West is interested in the Arab Culture?

Yes, very much so.

Q 12: Do you agree with Inklicist’s approach; addressing the western world in their own language about the Arab culture?

In either case; that is whether you communicate to the Western world in either Arabic or their language, I believe what matters in the end is the content itself and showing the beauty of the Arabic language.

Q 13: If you get the chance to address the world one day, what would you say?

I would tell the world about the importance of owning books and constant reading, which are the recipe for success in any society.


As must have been crystal-clear, Noor is a very goal-oriented and an ambitious individual, and we cannot wait until we see one of her books on the sliver-screen! Show your love and support and follow her on social media to stay tuned with her latest news and projects.

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Stay safe, spread love and not viruses!


Interviewed by Abdullah Al Habahbeh

Edited by Bahaa Alnawas

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