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This Young Jordanian Is A Living Proof Of Success!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Amman-based Raja Otaqui, is unstoppable.

A positively motivated workaholic making his dreams come true.

Raja, Otaqui
Success at it best

The blend of success requires such unique, rare and seemingly out-of-the-earth ingredients that only the God can supply a person with. However, it is not very common to see the whole blend flowing in the veins of one person. Such people force you to stop, witness and appreciate their presence in life.

Raja, is a living proof of this phenomenon. His driving force towards triumph and the essence of his dreams have both formed such an exceptional thrive for success. Talent is not enough, motivation and implementation are necessary, and Raja, well, he has it all.


The Human

Jordanian, born in 1987 and raised in Amman, Raja is not only a talented singer but also a songwriter, an influencer and a business person. He started singing at a young age and created a name for himself through his covers and originals that he published on YouTube. The description he has about himself is,

“A workaholic making his dreams come true”.

His passion for music and young-age success proves this description accurate. Through the name he made for himself, Raja was also able to dominate social media platforms with a firm and solid presence.


The Singer

Raja Otaqui
Even with his stare, he penetrates your soul

Raja has such a soothing voice that entices wild deep emotions, which help him to communicate his intended sentiments into your very soul.

For example, in his new single, “Dina”, he reconstructed wonderful memories of a past original; a song that really encouraged and drove him to make his own version and share it with all of us (how lucky).

This beautiful Arabic rendition of the famous song “Cecilia” by Paul Simon, has been personified and localized in such a very smart way. It reflects his own personality and his mindset; and I have to admit that I personally find his individuality striking and unparalleled.



The Influencer

Raja Otaqui
A smile or an invitation to follow?

As bees are drawn to pollen; his fans are drawn to him. It is possible that the attraction goes to his appearance, but I hope that it is also to his mysterious persona. Nevertheless, in spite of the reasons, people are fascinated enough to follow, engage with and support him.

Although social media allows us nowadays to participate and employ our techniques to stand out and deliver whatever message that we want to convey, many of us nonetheless get lost in the game and end up turning their fans into consumers, and eventually to a human-billboard, which we must have witnessed a lot. Yet, this is not the case with Raja, he managed to keep his virtual space about him, he shares his moments, achievements, and his dreams, and in this way he inspires us all and urges us to work hard and live the life we want.

Raja's Instgram Account


The Businessman

Creativity is a key to open the doors of success. From what we have seen so far, Raja has the Master key to unlock as many doors as he apparently pleases. As a business person, he’s willing to benefit from every possible lesson learned, he formed the winning factor as a successful young man. Thus, he for sure had all the right tools to create such an inspiring journey.

Raja's business Instagram account, Karmalite


To recap; Raja is role-model, a successful talented Jordanian who is at the beginning of a seemingly wonderful journey, and I am sure that he will reach unprecedented heights as long as he stays true to his purpose and keeps aiming for the stars.

What could he possibly have done more than all this, and what is he planning for the future?


Written by Abdullah Al Habahbeh

Edited by Bahaa Alnawas

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