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The Latest Arab Chat Fiction Application | Hakawaty

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Storytelling got smarter, funnier and more intense than ever!

Immersive experiences are on the rise in different fields; examples are the VR in videogaming and Netflix’s latest interactive Black Mirror episode where viewers got to decide how the episode progresses forward. The same goes for the art of storytelling, which has become more immersive than ever through chat fiction applications. They are quick and short yet very exciting. Chat fiction has become a trend around the world due to their captivating form of text messages; something everyone can relate to in this time and age. This is how the latest Arab Chat Fiction Application, Hakawaty, came into existence.

What Is the Secret Ingredient?

Arab Chat Fiction Application
Enjoy the latest Arab chat fiction app and delve into tons of marvelous stories

Hakawaty engages its audience right away by utilizing text messaging format instead of long paragraphs and convoluted wording. The application targets the Arab world and addresses its issues through colloquial Arabic.

The Hakawaty Experience

Hakawaty App
Choose your adventure; jump into excitement and fun

The freemium chat fiction mobile app offers sixteen series and more than sixty episodes of stories, with plans for much more in the near future. There are five genres of episodes:

  • Horror

  • Drama

  • Romance

  • Mystery

  • Science Fiction

Experience each world first-hand and let the chat of fictional characters come into life right in your smart device.

App Name and Functionality

Hakawaty App Experience
One episode is all it takes to get you hooked. Live different lives now

Hakawaty” is the Arabic alternative adjective for “Storyteller”, which as the word suggests, aims at sharing stories created by the makers of the app themselves. The application is meant to deliver these stories to the Arab audience; adding to their life experiences and their fun and entertainment.

Since Hakawaty is a freemuim-app, you have to subscribe in order to get full access to all episodes of all genres. Nonetheless, you can select the first episode of each genre for free upon installation as a demo experience to know what it is all about.

The application is now available on Google Play and App Store!

Massive adventures await! Download now and experience whole new worlds!


Written by Abdullah Al Habahbeh

Edited by Bahaa Alnawas

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